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Census of European Studies




How to become members
To become an AUSE member you need to send to the president a letter of request signed in original, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation from members of the Association.
The application is submitted to the Executive Committee. Main requirement is the interest and the well-established activity for European studies in one of four areas (historical, legal, political, social, economic) of the Association.

Registration of organizations and institutions as Ordinary Members Pro-Tempore of AUSE
As Ordinary Members Pro-Tempore of Ause may be allowed: Organizations and institutions active in the field of higher or university education or their centers; public or private Research Institutes; Foundations and associations that carry out teaching activities, research, popularization and promotion of culture on the issues of integration and European unification in one European Union Member State.

The application must be sent to the Presidency of the Association

The annual dues of the Association remains unchanged: 50 € for teachers and 25 € for PhD candidates and graduate students.
The sum can be paid either directly to voicemail, or by bank transfer to account no. 3784 (payable to AUSE, Intesa SanPaolo – Sede di Pavia, IBAN IT75L0306911336100000003784).
To confirm the renewal please fill out the following form.


Census of European Studies

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