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Summer school


Since 1997, AUSE organizes an annual Summer School dedicated to deepening and discussion of research contributions made by academics in European affairs.

The aim of the Summer School is to enable the European integration's scholars to discuss among them the results of their research, thereby encouraging the exchange of ideas and opinions.

The annual meeting is also the occasion for the members to plan joint research projects and other initiatives deepening of common issues. The thematic areas of the Summer School are as follows:
- History
- Economy
- Law
- Political Sciences

The Association launched major research contributions which, together with the proceedings of the conferences held and the acts of the various editions of the Summer School, were collected in publications that have formed a book series by dell'AUSE itself.

Programmes of the Summer Schools realized

XVI Summer School
Crisi e rilancio dell'UE. Percezioni e approcci interdisciplinari 
Venezia, Centro culturale don Orione Artigianelli, 12-13 luglio 2012
[download programma]

XV Summer School
L'Italia e l'unità europea dal Risorgimento ad oggi
Torino, Archivio di Stato, 20-21 maggio 2011
[download programma]

XIV Summer School
A sessant'anni dalla Dichiarazione Schuman
Genova, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, 7-8 maggio 2010
[download programma]

XII Summer School
Catania, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche, 1-3 ottobre 2009
[download programma]

XII Summer School
Venezia, Centro culturale don Orione Artigianelli, 25-27 settembre 2008
[download programma]

XI Summer School
L'Unione Europea a cinquant'anni dai Trattati di Roma
Imperia-Ventimiglia, 27-29 settembre 2007
[download programma]

X Summer School
Venezia, Cà Mocenigo Gambara, 6-8 luglio 2006
[download programma]

IX Summer School
Venezia, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Arti e Lettere, 14-16 luglio 2005
[download programma]

VIII Summer School
L'Europa nel nuovo ordine internazionale
Venezia, Palazzo Giovannelli, 15-17 luglio 2004
[download programma]

VII Summer School
10-12 luglio 2003
[download programma]

VI Summer School
18-20 luglio 2002
[download programma]

V Summer School
19-21 luglio 2001
[download programma]

IV Summer School
20-22 luglio 2000
[download programma]
II Summer School
L'Europa della moneta per l'Europa dei cittadini
Venezia, Centro Palladio-Europa Giudecca, 3-4 settembre 1998
[download programma]

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