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EACEA Erasmus+ project 2017-2020


Network of EU Integration Studies

EACEA Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Erasmus+ Programme : Jean Monnet Support to Associations

AUSE has been selected by EACEA for funding under the call for proposals 2017 – EAC/A03/2016. The financement will allow the realisation of the project “Network of EU Integration Studies”, that foresees many important outcomes and will sustain the life and activities of the Association in the years 2017-2020.

The Project “Network of EU Integration Studies” was started in 2017 and ended on June 30th 2021.

Thanks to the support of EACEA and the Jean Monnet Action of the Erasmus+ Programme, the project allowed AUSE to pursue its statutory activities, enforcing its role and its support to the community of Academics, Scholars and young researchers devoted to European Integration studies in Italy.

The project focused on four main goals:
  • making academics, researchers, students and the general  public increasingly aware of European issues, solicitating their sensibility and attention to the ongoing European integration process;
  • enforce the ability of AUSE of promoting the debate between Academics at European and International level;
  • involve the greatest number of actors, both Academic and of the general public.
  • promoting the enhancement of the key communication and dissemination tools of the association
in the last three years, the project has allowed the Association to publish books and working papers (please refer to the publications section of this website), to organise and sustain conferences, workshops and working groups of its Associates in many Italian Universities, to foster the dialogue with Institutions and Civil Society, to organise and hold its Annual Meeting and Annual International Conference.
These that follow are the main results achieved by the project.

International Conferences and Annual Meetings 

The AUSE 2018 Annual Conference took place in Venice, on 13° and 14° of July and has been dedicated to the 70°Anniversary of the Congress of Europe of The Hague.
The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.
The AUSE 2019 Annual Conference took place in Rome, on 6° and 7° of May and was dedicated to the 2019 European Parliament elections, forty years after the first direct election oft the EP. 
The European Parliament elections of May 2019 have to be considered a crucial event. Their results are not only indicative of citizens' orientations but they could be also decisive for the prospects of the integration process.
These aspects reinforce the need to be acquainted with the history, the role and the functioning of the EP, as well as to know the challenges that EP will have to face and the programs of the various European political groups for the next 9th Legislature.
The conference has been dedicated also to the presentation of the programs drawn up by the European political forces on the occasion of the EP elections. The invited speakers represented Foundations, think tanks, political forces directly involved in the identification of the crucial issues, in the preparation of proposals and in the writing of transnational platforms.
The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.
The book offering the electoral programs of the European Political gropus can be downloaded here.
The AUSE 2021 Annual Conference took place in Rome, on 24th and 25th May 2021. It was dedicated to the 70° Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration ("Una nuova Europa organizzata e vitale. A 70 anni dalla Dichiarazione Schuman. Processi e sfide nel percorso di integrazione europea”) and was dedicated to understanding the actuality of the project of European construction indicated in the declaration, as an example and guide for future decisions and steps in the path of European integration. 
The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.

Report on EU studies in Italy (Survey-Census of EU studies in Italy)

The project allowed the reorganization of the Census, in light of the changes occurred in the Courses Catalogue and First and Second Degree Courses Organisation at national level in Italian Universities. 

The Database has been updated and is now available on line for consultation at this page.
The Document containing the data collected and the new indexes in available for free at the following address.

Virtual Library of European Studies

This section of the website offers to the public, in full text format and free access, a collection of books on EU Integration studies.
The first resources consist with the books published by AUSE in the first 20 years of the Association.

These are the publications available:

  • Antonio Papisca, Dario Velo (a cura di), I Rapporti verso l'esterno della Comunità dopo il 1992, 1993.
  • Fulvio Attinà, Dario Velo (a cura di), Dalla Comunità all'Unione europea, 1994
  • Amedeo Amato, Franco Praussello (a cura di), L'Unione europea di fronte alle sfide dell'allargamento, 1994
  • Francesca Longo, La politica estera dell'Unione europea tra interdipendenza e nazionalismo, 1995
  • Dario Velo (a cura di), L'autonomia della Banca Centrale verso una nuova costituzione in Italia e in Europa, 1995
  • Dario Velo (a cura di), L'adesione dei Paesi dell'Est europeo all'Unione europea: l'integrazione monetaria e finanziaria, 1996
  • Fulvio Attinà, Francesca Longo (a cura di), Unione europea e Mediterraneo fra globalizzazione e frammentazione, 1996
  • Luigi V. Majocchi (a cura di), Messina quarant'anni dopo. L'attualità del metodo in vista della Conferenza intergovernativa del 1996, 1996
  • Carlo Secchi, Dario Velo (a cura di), La Conferenza intergovernativa europea, 1997
  • Marco Mascia, Antonio Papisca (a cura di), l processo costituente in Europa. Dalla moneta unica alla cittadinanza europea, 2000
  • Roberta Pezzetti (a cura di), Le relazioni economiche e finanziarie dell'Unione europea con i Paesi in via di sviluppo nel quadro dell'Unione monetaria, 2001
  • Maurizio Ferrera (a cura di), Nuova Europa e nuovo welfare, 2001
  • Antonio Majocchi (a cura di), L'Europa nell'era dell'euro, 2001
  • Antonio Majocchi, Daniela Preda (a cura di), Per una nuova governance europea, 2003
  • Ariane Landuyt, Daniele Pasquinucci (a cura di), L'Unione europea tra Costituzione e governance, 2004
  • Salvatore Aloisio, Cinzia Rognoni (a cura di), L'Europa nel nuovo ordine internazionale, 2005
  • Daniela Preda (a cura di), L'Unione Europea agli albori del XXI secolo, 2006
  • Daniela Felisini (a cura di), Culture economiche e scelte politiche nella costruzione europea, 2010
  • Filadelfio Basile, Manuela Pilato (a cura di), Studi sull’Italia e l’integrazione europea di fronte alla nuova governance mondiale in occasione del 150° anniversario dell’Unità d’Italia, 2012
  • Oscar Garavello (a cura di), Il modello sociale europeo, 2013



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