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Attività presso l'Università di Catania nel contesto dell'EUMedEA Jean Monnet Chair


The University of Catania, within the framework of the EUMedEA Jean Monnet Chair, conduces many activities on crash courses, seminars, teaching, research and videos on several aspects related to EU MEDiterranean border crises and European External Action.
In particular, the Jean Monnet Working Paper Online Series (with its ISSN) publishes conference papers and preliminary results of ongoing research projects. Comments and feedback on published JMWPs are more than welcome: http://www.dsps.unict.it/eumedea/working_papers   
EUMedEA Working Paper 1-2016
Orofino, Elisa. Understanding Radical Groups and Radical Youth in the West. A Literature Review. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 2-2016
Fontana, Iole. The Security Dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy. The Case of Security Sector Reform in Tunisia. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 3-2016
Panebianco, Stefania. The Mare Nostrum Operation and the SAR Approach. The Italian Response to address the Mediterranean Migration Crisis. DOWNLOAD

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