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Conferenza "United or Divided We Stand? Perspectives on the EU’s Challenges", Bruxelles, 9-10 Maggio 2016


Today’s Europe is confronted with simultaneous, complex and wide-ranging challenges. Direct challenges – such as the large-scale movement of refugees to the EU, high levels of youth unemployment and climate change – are multifaceted, and often multi-level, issues. More abstract challenges – such as the legitimacy of conditionality imposed in exchange for Eurozone bailouts and public disillusionment with leaders and institutions – are more difficult to isolate.

In some cases, the EU’s Member States have found a common, united approach. In others, the (re)assertion of national interest has led to division and inaction. We now speak of both integration and disintegration when we reflect on the European project.

The "Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies" (UACES)  invites submissions of abstracts for papers on these contrasts in Europe – unity and division, integration and disintegration. How is the EU addressing or not addressing the challenges it faces? How could it address them differently?

The two-day research conference on 9-10 MAy 2016 intends to provide a friendly environment for postgraduate students in the various disciplines of European Studies to present their work, receive feedback and dialogue with each other. It offers an ideal introduction to the UACES community. Research students at all levels are welcome. Students in the earlier stages of their work can gain experience in presenting their research and meet other researchers. Students in more advanced stages of their work can refine their presentation skills, continue to build their contacts and gain experience as chairs and discussants. As the flagship event of the UACES Student Forum, the conference is a prime venue for networking with colleagues and presenting new research.

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