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Principali risultati del Consiglio Affari Generali, 24 maggio 2016


The Council held its second annual rule of law dialogue with a focus on the challenges that the current migratory flows create for the safeguarding of the EU's fundamental values. With the participation of the Director of the EU agency of fundamental rights, Michael O'Flaherty, ministers exchanged views on what member states can do to ensure that fundamental rights are respected when integrating refugees. They stressed the importance of respecting EU fundamental values when receiving refugees and recalled that these values have also to be respected by refugees. 

Ministers also shared the challenges and best practices in helping refugees to integrate quickly. "The rule of law is one of the fundamental values of the European Union and a cornerstone of European cooperation. It is not only an intrinsic value, but is also essential for the smooth functioning of the internal market through enhancing mutual trust between and within member states. The significant inflows of refugees are without doubt a test to these values. But only by respecting these values ourselves and ensuring their respect by those who come to us we will be able to overcome the migration challenge and successfully integrate refugees in our societies. No member state has a monopoly on virtue or vice, and the rule of law requires ongoing effort and self-reflection", said Bert Koenders, the Netherlands Minister for Foreign Affairs and President of the Council.

The Council started preparations of the June European Council by discussing an annotated draft agenda. At their meeting on 28 and 29 June 2016 EU leaders will revert to the situation on migration, carry out a first assessment of the impact of the European fund for strategic investments, endorse an agenda for the single market, take stock of on-going action to fight tax fraud and tax evasion, discuss EU-NATO cooperation and take note of the outcome of UK referendum.

Source: Council of the European Union 


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