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Workshop Interdisciplinare "Crisis and Innovation in the European Union: Beyond Populism and Managerialism", Coventry (Regno Unito), 13 Maggio 2016


The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop, supported by the Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), Society for Legal Scholars (SLS) and the British Academy, is to explore the impact of 'crises', in their material and ideational forms, upon EU institutional and policy-making dynamics. Emphasis will also be put on identifying policy responses focusing upon 'innovation' as a strategy.

By bringing together experts working on institutional corruption, financial regulation, intellectual property law and policy and EU free movement, migration and human rights we will explore the EU's identification of the causes and impacts of 'crises', as well as actual and possible responses. In seeking to transcend both populist and managerial discourses and responses, the workshop participants will reflect on the EU's response to increasing numbers of people seeking sanctuary in Europe and the Member States' recalcitrance to a unified response, the EU's actions in financial regulation as well as the Europe 2020 and Justice and Home Affairs 2020 agendas. Speakers will include Professor Niamh Moloney and Professor Michelle Everson.

In addition, there will be a PhD colloquium on Thursday 12th May 2016. As part of a UACES, British Academy and Society for Legal Scholars-funded workshop on the topic of crisis and innovation in the European Union, the organisers at the University of Warwick School of Law will be hosting a PhD colloquium on Thursday 12th May 2016. We therefore invite abstracts from current PhD students currently working on topics of 'crisis', 'innovation' and legal change in the European Union who would like to present their research in a specialised yet friendly environment. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words, and must be received by 25th April in order to be considered for the event. Abstracts should be submitted to b.farrand@warwick.ac.uk, with the subject line including 'Crisis and Innovation'.

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